Audiobook production, London

I absolutely love audiobooks. They combine my passion for books with my passion for audio, and is without doubt the most enjoyable work I get to do...

I can provide complete audiobook production, from start to finish.

Whether you're a publishing house looking to supply the online retailers, or simply a self-published author looking to expand into this growing area, I can do the lot. From casting, to arranging the studio, prepping the script, production and editing, through to final quality control, I can take care of the whole job.

I'm highly experienced in this area, having supplied audiobooks to major clients such as Audible, Random House, Picador and Simon & Schuster.

I can do as little or as much as you require. You may simply want me to direct the recording process, or just do the final edit, or manage the whole project. Not a problem.

Technical stuff

I generally record in London voice studios, whom I have a close relationship with. The raw audio is then edited in my Pro Tools - cleaned up, paced and divided into chapters. Once the edit is done, I then run my files through some final processing, as well as saving into various file formats for download. I generally work to the strict Audible specification, regardless of client, to ensure highest quality and consistency - but of course I'm happy to use your spec if you have one.

How long does this all take?

To give you a rough idea of timings, a good audiobook reader should be able to record around 100 pages a day, and an 'average' (if there is such a thing) recording of a normal fiction book should take about three days. The edit in general takes 50% longer than the record, so you should allow something like five days of edit on top of a three-day record. This is only a rough guide, but is fairly normal in my experience.


You can also book me on ACX here:

Chris Sharp

ACX is a handy platform that puts authors, readers, producers and technical people together, and is run by Audible (Amazon).


Prices will vary greatly between projects, and depends on how long the book is, the acting talent chosen, the studio and other factors. With audiobooks I'm always happy to quote for the whole job rather than charge by the day, to ensure your costs don't spiral out of control. You are of course welcome to source your own actor and studio - I'm completely flexible.

The best thing is for you to give me your budget and I can let you know how we can work with that.

If you're new to all this, please get in touch and I can answer any questions you may have!

Please thoroughly read the terms and conditions before booking.

Audio demo

To give you an idea of the quality involved, the following demo contains extracts from audiobooks entirely produced, recorded and edited by me. They were recorded in various studios in London, then edited in my own Pro Tools suite.

Audiobook production demo

Actors, in order of appearance:
Oliver J. Hemborough
Barnaby Edwards
Jilly Bond
Simon Schatzberger
Ellie Griffiths
John Moratis
Rosalyn Landor
Robert Maskell

Some selected credits can be seen above. See?

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During exceptionally long recordings, I may resort to directing the session through the medium of dance. I will do my best to warn you in if this is going to happen, via a series of coded hand signals.